Affordable, Flexible & Fast

 Interstate Helicopters, Inc. Charters are a highly versatile means of travel, allowing you to land or take off from remote areas or city center helipads; any location can be reached with ease. Small Helicopter charters or leasing are ideal for flights of up to 1 or 2 hours while larger helicopters can cover up to 2 or more hours depending on your specific needs. 

Corporate Helicopter Charter

Reduced travel time to remote locations or hard to reach destinations by vehicle

  • Flexible fast service, offering the possibility of making multiple site visits within a single day
  • Conduct business on board and stay in contact with your office while you are travelling
  • Chartering a helicopter is made simple by simply contacting our staff

Leisure Helicopter Charter

Affordable, convenient and uninterrupted travel, avoid the traffic jams and scheduled service delays

  • Possibility of landing directly at a number of convenient locations, hotels, restaurants and other venues
  • Superb method of transport to unusual locales, such as shooting, fishing or skiing destinations.
  • Ideal for special events: arrival of a VIP or whisking honeymooners away after their ceremony

Helicopters for Lease & Charter

Bell 206B III Long Ranger – Holds 5 passengers & pilot – Lease or Charter

  • Bell 206B III Jet Ranger – Holds 3 passengers & pilot – Lease or Charter
  • Robinson R44 Raven II – Holds 3 passengers & pilot – Lease
  • Robinson R22 Beta II – Holds 1 passenger & pilot – Lease