Helicopter Financing

Financing a helicopter is similar to financing property but the loan term is usually much shorter, with the average times being five to ten years with most loans.

It is important to work with a bank that is experienced in aircraft so they are comfortable with the transaction. Most small banks do not understand the aviation market. If you have a great relationship with your bank they may be comfortable with you and yet it is more likely that one of the specialized lending institutions will provide you with the best service when purchasing a helicopter.

Each institution will have specific requirements and most will require that you place a down payment of 10% – 20%. It is standard practice that you will need to provide your tax returns and current financial information.

Also consider that you will need to insure the helicopter for at least 100% – 111% of the loan value. Do consider insuring your helicopter for the replacement value by insuring the equity portion of your helicopter.

A few of the lending companies that understand helicopter loans are:

  • Bank of America 1-800-62-PLANE or(800) 627-5263
  • Cessna Textron Financial (866) CFC-LOAN or (866) 232-5626
  • Contact us for additional financial companies where we have long term relationships

Helicopter Insurance

In addition to financing your helicopter purchase, it is important to see if you are able to obtain insurance coverage on that particular aircraft. Potential buyers will often qualify for financing but are not able to get the loan because they are not insurable.

There are only a handful of insurance companies underwriting aviation and unlike other forms of insurance, aviation insurance quotes must be obtained from the Insurance Companies (Underwriters) via a broker or agent.

Selecting the best agent or broker for your helicopter purchase is a vital part in the whole purchasing process, making sure they are professional and have good relationships with the underwriters, your broker or agent will be your voice advising you and the underwriter on the safety and insurability of your operation.

Interstate Helicopters, Inc. will be happy to introduce you to our long standing insurance providers where we have built relationships for over 35 years! Contact us for information.