Interstate Helicopters Inc. is pleased to offer aircraft management, maintenance services and purchasing services to the general aviation community  within the United States and abroad. Please read more below on our unique capabilities in each of these areas. 

Aircraft Maintenance Services at Interstate Helicopters Inc.

It would have been out of our realm for us to ensure the level of safety we sought without having 35 years of aircraft service for our clients and the established relationships within the aircraft industry of our own aircraft; because of this principle we can offer top quality aircraft maintenance for our clients

Our maintenance alliances has grown extensively since we began operations in 1977 and today we can offer service on numerous aircrafts such as Citation XLS+, Beechcraft, Citation Encore, Cessna Citation I & II to mention only a few. We are also a Robinson Helicopter Authorized Dealer and have been since 1985.

After many years of maintaining a large fleet, we have gained a wide range of expertise with many different types of airplanes and helicopters. We are pleased to offer our services to the entire aviation community. 

Aircraft Management Services

Flying in your own aircraft brings an abundance of luxuries. Being able to go where you want to at the time you want or simply avoiding the airports and all the security is a luxury in itself. However, the maintenance, regulations, inspections, employing a flight crew and the logistics of air travel can be very time consuming. This is an area of expertise for Interstate Helicopters!

For more than 20 years Interstate Helicopters Inc., has managed a number of the large corporation’s aircrafts within the State of Oklahoma. We handle the most recognized organizations in our State. Therefore, if you or your company desire excellent service and all the coordination of flight and service without adding new responsibility to your list then contact Interstate Helicopters, Inc.

Let Interstate Helicopters Inc., take care of all your needs. Below is a quick list of what we offer!

  • Hanger space
  • Fueling
  • Maintenance
  • Records
  • Handling your aircrafts inspections
  • Coordinating pilots for your trip (we have 25+ pilots)
  • Travel Plans
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Rental Car/Transportation Services
  • Itinerary’s
  • All your amenities (drinks, snacks, etc.)
  • Invoicing
  • Negotiations
  • Decreased Maintenance cost
  • Savings on aircraft parts & labor
  • Contact us about your aircraft needs! We can assist you!

Aircraft Purchasing Services

Purchasing an aircraft can be a perplexing process. Making such a purchase without the assistance of a trained professional can lead to financially disastrous consequences. Interstate Helicopters Inc. is pleased to offer full-service aircraft purchasing assistance. Let our highly experienced aviation professionals assist you in obtaining your dream aircraft! We make purchasing easy by:

  • Locating the ideal aircraft
  • Appraising the aircraft
  • Test-flying the aircraft
  • Inspecting the aircraft
  • Brokering the transaction
  • Arranging financing and insurance
  • Delivering the aircraft
  • Providing training
  • Maintaining and managing the aircraft and pilots for you
  • Contact Interstate Helicopters, Inc. today to learn more about our aircraft purchasing services.