The instrument rating will provide you with valuable experience especially concerning avionics, regulations and procedures concerning flying under instrument rules and the infrastructure of the national airspace system.

Requirements (as per Part 61.65)

  • Must hold at least a Private Pilot certificate
  • Must be able to read, speak, understand English

Training experience (as per Part 61.65)

  • Receive ground training on the appropriate aeronautical knowledge topics
  • Receive flight training on the appropriate areas of operations
  • Pass the appropriate FAA knowledge test
  • Pass the appropriate FAA practical test
  • 50 Hours cross-country as Pilot in Command (10 Hours must be in a helicopter)
  • 40 Hours of actual or simulated instrument time in the appropriate areas of operation (15 Hours must be with an instructor - CFII)
  • Flight training must include a cross-country flight including:
    • Filing a flight plan
    • Distance of 100NM along airways or routed by ATC
    • Three different kinds of instrument approaches using navigation equipment at three different airports

The overall cost of obtaining the instrument rating will vary from person to person. The following breakdown is based on the average student pilot who flies one to two times per week and acquires his/her rating in 40 flight hours and 20 hours of ground school. Please note that this breakdown is based on our current rates and may change from time to time. Additionally, this estimate should provide you with an idea of virtually all of the costs associated with obtaining an rating.

Note: We offer instrument training in the R44 RII with glass cockpit avionics
Note: The full hour requirement (40 Hours) will be in the helicopter, with an instructor on board

Instrument Rating Cost Breakdown

  • Dual Flight (40 Hours) $24,000.00
  • Ground School with CFII (20 Hours) $1,200.00
  • Books / Supplies (Instrument Kit) $100.00
  • FAA Written Exam $150.00
  • FAA Practical Test (Examiner Fee) $400.00 
  • FAA Practical Test (Aircraft Rental 4 Hours) $2,400.00
  • Total $28,250.00