Robinson R44 Raven II’s

  Interstate Helicopters Inc. has been a Robinson Dealer and Service Center for 25 plus years. We can help you design your Robinson R44 Raven I, Raven II or a Robinson R22 Beta II. Simply give us a call and we will get your order placed or help you purchase the Robinson you want at the best possible price.

Need To Lease A Robinson Helicopter?

If you determine that leasing a helicopters is a better option than to purchase, then Interstate Helicopters Inc. is the right choice. We have been leasing helicopters for the past 15 years and currently serve multiple client’s but we are always looking to assist new client’s in their helicopter needs. We have different lease programs for short term and long term leases as well as different rates to create opportunities that fits each situation. If leasing with the option to purchase is desirable, as opposed to just a lease we can design a program for you.

Standard Equipped Robinson R44 Raven II By Interstate Helicopters Inc.

Exterior Base Color – If new your choice.
Exterior Trim Color – If new your choice.
Interior Fabric & Color – If new your choice.
Fire Extinguisher – Fire Exit Forward
Air Conditioning
Windshield – Tinted
Door Windows FWD – Both Bubble Tint
Door Windows AFT – Both Bubble Tint
Landing Lights – XENON HID
Compass – PAI700 Vertical Card Compass
Clock – Digital Chronometer Davtron 800
Airspeed Indicator
Flight Display: PRO – Aspen Evo EFD1000H Pro/HIS
Upper Bay: G225 – Garmin GTR225B Com Radio
Pilot Avionic Console: G650 Garmin GTN650 GPS/Co
Transponder Bay: GTX328 Garmin w/mode S
ELT K406 Kannad AF
Intercom/Audio Ctrl: Garmin GMA350H Audio Panel
Bose Interface: All Seats FWD/AFT

Changes Can Be Made To Meet Each Client’s Needs. 



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